I graduated today!

For the last six months, my life has revolved around doctor visits and physical therapy. Today, I “graduated” from Phase 2 Physical Therapy. No, I didn’t put on the cap and gown, but I did get a picture.

I thought PT was just PT. I was wrong.

Up till this point, physical training has been under the direction of the Physical Therapists. They scheduled the time, defined the workout, and pushed me to continue to improve while convincing me it was my idea.

Today, it is up to me. Phase 3 of physical training shifts the responsibility to me. The PT’s have provided a workout program for me to follow on my own.

I set my own schedule, and track my results on going. Do I have the discipline to continue? Do I have the motivation? One would think that a heart transplant would be enough motivation.

I am excited about achieving this milestone. Moving forward will test my motivation and self-discipline. I am looking forward to the next challenge.


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