Just Another Milestone?

Symbol for the 60th birthday or a 60th anniversary.

For those of you who don’t know, yesterday was my 60th birthday. Definitely a milestone for most people.

The question for me to consider is am I happy I am 60 years old?

Not really. The milestone of 60 years old is one of the milestones that remind me that I am on the downhill side of life.

A different question came to mind as I wrote this.

Am I glad that I am still alive at 60?

While the answer seems obvious, for me the answer is not “Yes”, but “Hell Yes”.

I have had a good life. A wife that I love that has put up with my BS for 35 years. I have three great kids. Most of our immediate family is still with us. I have great friends that have been around for a while. I have a job that I love.

I consider each day as a gift. 8 months ago, I was just hoping to live to Thanksgiving. My birthday wasn’t even something I was thinking about. Now that I am here, while I am not thrilled at being 60, I am thankful that I lived to 60.

Instead of focusing on where I have been, I am focused on how I continuing my journey towards a new normal.

What about you? How do you feel about your last birthday? Do you look forward or back?


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