Lost Heroes

The term “hero” has gotten used quite a bit lately. Medical personnel, first responders, school teachers, firefighters, members of police forces, and members of the military all deservedly are referred to as heroes.

I have come to start considering another hero. One that you probably haven’t considered.

My heroes are the donor and his family.

Going through a heart transplant, I consider myself lucky to be alive. From that moment on, I have been singularly focused on getting stronger through rehab. My long-term goal is to build the habits to live a long and prosperous life.

But my journey started with a tragedy. Stating the obvious, I needed the heart to have a heart transplant, which means that the donor and their family experienced a tragedy.

I can’t imagine. In the midst of experiencing the grief of losing a loved one, the donor’s family had to make what had to be a painful decision. That decision impacted more than just my life. Organs were harvested to help others.

At the time of the transplant, I was just happy to be alive. Time provides perspective.

As much as I try, I can’t put my emotions into words.

My goal is to “Earn this!” opportunity that I have been given.

To the donor and their family, I am sorry for your loss. I appreciate your sacrifice and want to thank you for a second chance.


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