Old Habits Die Hard!


A dear friend of mine reminded me that my second chance at life started 18 months ago. As I reflect on the last 18 months, I realize that I have covered a lot of ground to this point, yet I have a long way to go.

18 months ago, I woke up in the ICU at Methodist. Tonight, I am sitting at home on a Saturday night watching the Duke vs. NC game. I merged my company with a three other companies and love working with the other partners. I am looking at another surgery in May for a hip replacement and starting another rehab.

A lot of positives. Even the hip surgery is positive as I am hopeful to get rid of the pain when I walk.

Yet, I am not happy. Over the last 18 months, in addition to getting back physically, I have been focused on getting back professionally. I am not sure why that was my focus, but the results don’t lie. Up to August, 2020, I would work 60 hours a week. I joked that my hobby was my work. I loved what I did so it didn’t seem like work.

Over the last year, I have worked myself back to 40 hours/week. Some weeks have been more than 40 hours, but few weeks less than 40. I have struggled with how I got myself into this spot again. Logically, I know I should be limiting my work to something less than 40. My cardiologist reminded me on my last visit.

I think I have figured out how I got here. I believe I had to prove to myself that I could still work like that. I know it doesn’t make sense to everybody else, but it does to me.

Now the next question is what am I going to do about it? That’s a great question. I am going to be interested in what the answer is. I’ll let you know.


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